Friday, September 7, 2012

Scripture Smashbook Update Eins!

I am kind of a slow worker when it comes to this whole Smash book thing. Don't get me wrong, I really love working on it, but I have to wait until I am in the right, creative mood. Once I get going, it still takes me a couple hours until I call a page done. Like, let's stick a fork in it type done. Don't get me started on how long it takes to work up the motivation to post about my Smash book! But today I finished school early, so after I aimlessly walked around the house, I thought, "What better time to give an update on my Smash book?" So here I am!

Depending on how much I can write about a single page of my Smash book, I will start with doing one page picture and one post at a time. If I get many followers on this little blog (which I don't think is very likely) I might post more pictures at once, that way you don't have to listen (or would it be read about?) me ramble on and on and on...... And this is what you have been waiting for! Here is one of the first pages in my Smash book:

This was the first page I decorated, and it might be my favorite. I based it all off of 2 Corinthians 1:3-7. I was going to put all of that passage on the right page, but my hand cramped up and I couldn't write any more, so I stoped after verse 4. I wanted to fill my Smash book with scripture that is more personal, so hopefully I can do a good job of explaining to all of you how this page is really personal. FYI: the birds on the left page are completely random, they have no meaning whatsoever.

This past summer, I went to a sweet little place called Camp Barnabas for the second time. It is a camp for special needs kids and adults. They have sessions for the blind, deaf, those with chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, and developmental disabilities. I was a counselor for a young lady with a developmental disability. She was GREAT. She was smiley all week and was filled with joy. I almost wasn't able to go, though, because I was sick the week before. I continued to not feel the greatest throughout the week also, so finding this passage while I was at camp was perfect. So often I rely on physical things to comfort me, like where I am, how I am feeling, and who is with me. Reading this helped me to realize that the Lord is the one and only source of comfort. You will NOT find real comfort until you find Jesus. Just knowing that no matter how sick I was the Lord would bring me comfort if I looked for it in Him was, well, comforting.

Thanks for reading, if you actually did read any of this. If you didn't, thanks for looking at the picture! I will try to most more soon! Please leave any comments you have so I can improve the blog! More pictures? Can do! More writing? We'll see how motivated I am! Let me know what you want to see and read here!


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