Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scripture Smashbook Update 2!

What is up blogger world? Or at least whoever the one person is that will read this! I thought I would be post another picture and explanation from my smash book! I really haven't been working on it that much, for I have been EXTREMELY busy. I think I have something planned every single day this week, and most of it is work. Blah. So all my extra time is going to sleep. I have some pictures stored up, though, so I can occasionally post one of those to keep things moving.

I haven't thought of anything to put on the other page, but I finished this side, and I really like how it turned out. The main concept of this page is NO YOLO. While you should make the most out of each day, you should be making sure that what your doing isn't something that will be worthless. What is the point of living life on this earth if none of it will matter after you die? Storing up the things that will matter in heaven is MUCHO important. So, instead of seizing the day, seize the Kingdom.

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